Do you live in a San Diego Wildfire Zone and are considering Replacement Windows?

San Diego County Building Codes state that if you live in a high risk wildfire zone and you are replacing your windows then there are a few things you need to comply with when replacing your windows.

  1. san diego wildfire zone replacement windowsExterior windows/doors shall be insulate-glass (dual-glazed)
  2. A minimum of (1) one tempered pane.
  3. Glass block units are acceptable too.
  4. And all must have a fire resistance rating of not less than 20 minutes.
  5. Vinyl window frames and sash must have welded corners.

Provided below are a few links to zoning maps.  Check to see if your home falls within a high risk wildfire zone.  Your new replacement windows must be W.U.I.B.S. compliant.

Useful links for San Diego Wildfire Zone Replacement Windows

San Diego –

San Diego –

Escondido –

Poway –

You can learn more about this building code here:

Coughlin Windows and Doors offers San Diego wildfire zone replacement windows and doors.  Call today to learn more about your options and possible rebates.

wildfire san diego replacement windows

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