Coughlin Windows and Doors sells and installs San Diego pet doors.  We install a convenient and sleek-looking pet door in your new energy-efficient, dual-pane, retro-fit patio door.  Our patio doors come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles.  Unlike other solutions for San Diego pet doors, Coughlin Window and Door offers a solution that is secure, sleek, durable, and energy efficient.

San Diego Patio Pet Door

Pet Doors Custom Made for San Diego

Each of our pet door units are custom made to fit your new dual pane vinyl retro-fit patio door.  The actual size of the pet door are available in four sizes, including:

  • Small 6″ x 11″ 
  • Medium 8″ x 15″
  • Large 10″ x 19″
  • X-Large 12″ x 23″

With these 4 sizes, Fido can comfortably enter and exit your home when nature calls.

Features and Benefits of Our San Diego Pet Doors

  • Allows your sliding glass door to slide and lock normally.
  • No interference with screen function.
  • Renowned energy-efficiency and security.
  • Endura Flap Pets able to access the “great outdoors” on their own.
  • Better looking and more functional than inefficient “pet panels.”
  • Dual pane glass, magnetic seal Endura Flap, no air gaps.
  • Security cover included for extra peace of mind.
  • Easy conversion back to original door if selling home.

If you are in need of a San Diego Pet Door, let us know how we can help you out.  (760)  737-5000

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