Every homeowner deserves a space where the transition between indoors and the beauty of Carlsbad’s outdoors feels seamless. Sliding glass doors are a captivating feature that not only enhance natural light and views but also redefine your living space with a touch of elegance. Whether you’re looking for a patio door that slides effortlessly to welcome the ocean breeze or new windows that promise energy efficiency and style, Coughlin Windows and Doors is your trusted partner in turning your home vision into reality.

Why Choose Our Sliding Doors?

Why Choose Our Sliding DoorsAt Coughlin Windows & Doors, we understand that selecting the right sliding doors for your home is about balancing quality, style, and energy efficiency. With over 40 years of combined experience serving Carlsbad, CA and surrounding areas, our expertise in customizing and installing sliding patio doors is unmatched. We pride ourselves on offering a wide range of high-quality products that not only add value to your home but also bring comfort and beauty to your living space. Here’s what you can expect when you choose our products:

Quality Windows and Doors

We use premium materials such as durable vinyl to ensure that every sliding door we install stands up to San Diego County’s diverse climate.

Energy Efficient

Our doors are designed to keep your home comfortable while reducing energy costs, thanks to their superior insulation properties.

Curb Appeal

New sliding doors from Coughlin can dramatically enhance the aesthetic appeal of your home, improving your view from the inside out and impressing in the neighborhood.

Free Estimate

We believe in transparency and helping you make an informed decision, which is why we offer a no-obligation free estimate.

Extremely Satisfied Customers

Join the ranks of our extremely satisfied customers who rave about the amazing job done by our dedicated team.

Maximize Room Ambiance

Our sliding doors flood your room with light, creating a sense of increased space and openness, which is both welcoming and soothing.

Selecting Coughlin Windows and Doors means choosing a company committed to delivering both style and quality, ensuring that your home in San Diego County is as beautiful as it is comfortable. Contact us today at (760) 737-5000 or [email protected] for your free estimate and take the first step towards a home upgrade you’re bound to be extremely satisfied with.

Sliding Glass Door Repair & Replacement Services

Sliding Glass Door Repair & Replacement ServicesAt Coughlin Windows and Doors, we understand that the need for new sliding glass doors can arise at any time, whether due to age, damage, or a desire for a fresh look – instead of a flimsy old screen door. Our entire crew of professionals is ready to provide you with top-tier sliding patio door repair and replacement services. Starting with a free consultation, we discuss your specific needs and preferences to ensure that the job meets your expectations.

Homeowners in Carlsbad, CA, can trust us to install their new doors meticulously, with attention to detail and commitment to quality. Schedule your service with us today at (760) 737-5000 or [email protected] and experience the ease of having your new sliding doors installed seamlessly by our skilled team.

Replace Your Old Sliding Glass Doors Today!

Don’t let your old sliding patio door compromise your home’s energy efficiency, style, or safety. At Coughlin Windows & Doors, we are the solution to your door woes. Our team’s expert installation services ensure that your home’s aesthetics and insulation are upgraded with the latest energy-efficient sliding doors.

Why wait? Contact us now at (760) 737-5000 or [email protected] to schedule your free estimate, and let’s talk about how we can transform your space. Trust in our dedicated professionals to provide a seamless and satisfying door replacement experience.

Have Questions About Our Patio Door & Sliding Door Services?

Have Questions About Our Patio Door & Sliding Door ServicesIf you have any questions about our patio door and sliding door services, don’t hesitate to contact Coughlin Windows and Doors. Our professional team is ready to assist you and provide information on our installation process, ensuring that you receive excellent service. Whether you’re upgrading your house with new patio doors or need service for your existing sliding doors, we’re here to guide you every step of the way. Get in touch with us today at (760) 737-5000 or [email protected] to experience our commitment to quality and professionalism.


At Coughlin Windows & Doors, we are committed to providing top-quality sliding door and window services to homeowners in Carlsbad, CA, and surrounding areas. Our team is dedicated to delivering style, durability, and energy efficiency with every project we undertake. Contact us today at (760) 737-5000 or [email protected] for a free estimate on your replacement windows or patio doors and let us help you elevate your home’s aesthetics and functionality. Trust in us to make the transition between indoors and outdoors a seamless experience for you and your family.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do your sliding doors slide open smoothly?

We use high-quality materials and hardware in our sliding doors to ensure they slide open smoothly and effortlessly. Regular maintenance and professional installation further guarantee the longevity and performance of our sliding doors.

How do Coughlin Windows & Doors enhance energy efficiency in my home?

Our products are specifically designed with energy efficiency in mind. Our sliding doors and windows feature superior insulation properties that help maintain your home’s temperature, leading to reduced energy costs and a comfortable living environment year-round.

Do you replace all the windows during the installation process?

Yes, we can replace all the windows in your home. Our replacement windows are tailor-made to fit the existing spaces, and we ensure a seamless installation process that minimizes any disruption to your home.

Can you tell me more about your window replacement services?

Absolutely, our window replacement services are comprehensive and customized to meet your specific needs. From your initial free consultation to the final installation, our professional team will work with you to choose the best options for your home and execute the project with meticulous attention to detail.

Why should I consider vinyl windows from Coughlin Windows and Doors?

Vinyl windows offer numerous benefits, including durability, low maintenance, and excellent thermal performance. Our vinyl windows provide a cost-effective solution to enhance the curb appeal and energy efficiency of your home.

What is a French Door?

French Doors are a type of door that features multiple glass panels, typically with wooden frames. These doors are hinged and can open inwards or outwards, providing a wider entrance and an elegant aesthetic for both interior and exterior spaces. They are often used as patio or balcony doors to allow natural light into the room while also offering easy access to outdoor areas.

Are French doors better than sliding glass doors?

This is a matter of personal preference and depends on the functionality and aesthetic appeal you are looking for in your home. French doors offer a classic, elegant look, while sliding glass doors provide a more modern, space-saving option. Our team can discuss the benefits of each type of door and help you select the best fit for your home. Ultimately, both options provide excellent functionality and can enhance the beauty and value of your home.

Why should I choose your business for my sliding door and window needs?

Coughlin Windows & Doors stands out as a business with a professional commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. With years of experience and a focus on energy-efficient, stylish products, we provide reliable solutions for your home.

What makes Coughlin Windows and Doors professional in the field of door and window replacement?

Our professionalism is evidenced by our dedicated team of skilled installers, commitment to using high-quality materials, and our exceptional customer service. We aim to exceed your expectations with our prompt and meticulous window replacement services.

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